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WebXR Headset support now available in Mattercraft (including Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro + Magic Leap).. and much more!

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

Hey there!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new update to for developing immersive headset experiences that you can deploy instantly to users over the web!

As of today, you can start to create Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality content easily for a range of devices, including (but not limited to) the Meta Quest(s), Apple Vision Pro, Magic Leap, Zapbox* and even Google Chrome on Android.

Developing these types of web-based headset experiences has never been easier as you can build with the full suite of amazing features Mattercraft already has to offer, like the visual viewport, animation system and live preview. See our last product update to learn more about all the other Mattercraft features.

*Zapbox WebXR support coming very soon!

What is WebXR?

Mattercraft's brand new package and headset templates leverage the WebXR specification under the hood, providing seamless support for the various headsets and handheld devices that support it. This standardized framework simplifies the development of web-distributed immersive 3D content, enabling fully immersive VR experiences and AR/MR experiences that blend virtual content with the real world.

Controller and Hand Inputs

Mattercraft lets you utilise the handheld controllers supported by many of the headset on the market, including Meta Quest and Magic Leap. You can respond to controller button inputs, enable users to point at and click on buttons and objects using the pointer emulation feature and provide locomotion for VR movement (teleport, walk and turn).

In addition, Mattercraft supports hand tracking, including various gestures like clenched fist, pointing, and palm open. You can use finger pointer emulation, enter space detection, and link 3D models to the bones of the hand for enhanced immersion.

Build once, for all devices

Developing for headsets in Mattercraft ensures compatibility across different devices. Whether you're targeting VR, AR, or MR experiences, you can rest assured that your content will work seamlessly across various headsets.

What's the benefit of using Mattercraft to develop for headsets?

In most cases, developing headset content requires an app submission or technical knowledge of developing with the WebXR API. With Mattercraft, you're essentially building a static website, enabling you to instantly deploy your content to your end user with a click of a button. There's no need to wait for app store submission or for your end user to download an application onto their headset.

We've also implemented headset support into Mattercraft in an easy-to-use and intuitive way, so you can develop interactive, immersive experiences without writing a single line of code or go deeper with the built in scripting IDE.

Start developing for headsets in Mattercraft today!

Sounds amazing? Head over to or sign up here, to start building headset content today. You can choose from one of our brand-new headset templates or install the WebXR package into an existing project. The package provides a number of 'rigs' to make it super easy to get started, including:

  • XR Rig VR: Fully immersive VR experience with controller support and teleportation.

  • XR Rig VR Passthrough: Virtual reality experience showing the user's real-world environment.

  • XR Rig AR: Mixed reality experience with controller support.

  • XR Rig AR User Placement: Mixed reality experience allowing users to choose the origin location.

Head over to our documentation site to learn more:

Sneak peek into building for the Vision Pro

Here's a teaser to show the development process for building web based VR experiences in Mattercraft for the Vision Pro. We'll be sharing more specific information about this in a separate post.. but here's a video to get you excited!

Other Feature Improvements

In addition to headset support, we've been hard at work with several enhancements to Mattercraft:

  • Copy and Paste of Animation Elements: You can now easily copy and paste Layers, States, and Timelines within a project or into a different project.

  • Bug Reporting and Feature Requests: Report bugs and suggest features conveniently from within the UI.

  • Shortcuts and UI Improvements: Use shortcuts like ctrl + f for quick searching, ctrl + p for global search and enjoy improved panel management (your layout will be saved when you access Mattercraft again).

  • Console Log Enhancements: Clear and reset logs with ease, along with stability and speed improvements for debugging.

  • View Selected Camera: See the view of selected cameras directly in the viewport for an even easier development process.

  • New and Improved Dependencies Browser: Explore and manage dependencies effortlessly with our updated browser.

  • Shephard: New to Mattercraft? You'll be shown an onboarding Shephard when you first log in that takes you through all the important elements.

We have an amazing roadmap planned for Mattercraft and we regularly update the "What's new" section within the tool, so keep an eye on that to keep up to date with even more product updates.

Start creating immersive experiences with Mattercraft today and bring your visions to life in the world of WebXR and 3D!

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