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Universal AR Unity SDK

Universal AR for Unity update

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

We've released an update to our Universal AR for Unity SDK, with new features and bug fixes. You can get the latest version of the package from the Github repo - for more information check out the ZapWorks Downloads & SDKs Hub. The following changes are included in the latest version:


  • Train image files directly in the editor


  • Renamed WebGL templates to - Zappar (for Unity version 2020 and above) and Zappar2019 (for Unity version 2019.x).

  • Exempt additional IP addresses ranging from 172.16.* through 172.32.* from licensing check.


  • White screen issue after loading progress on Safari browsers.

  • Fix to update the face mesh view in editor (while toggling between full head mesh).

  • Fix referencing image preview when project GUID has been updated. [Note: finds reference using gameobject name and meshfilter component]

  • Fix camera pause/resume when switching to other tabs and back.

  • Improve HTML template CSS to better fit the full browser window.

  • Issues with other/embedded browsers on iOS, including social browsers.

We're always keen to get your feedback on our products and services, so please do let us know how you get on over at our forum or through our support team :-)

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