The Zappar team
Universal AR Unity SDK

Universal AR for Unity 3.2.0

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

We've released an update to our Universal AR SDK for Unity, with improved performance and new features. You can get the the latest version from the usual places - see for more information.


  • Support for Unity's Apple Silicon version.

  • New menu option: Zappar/Editor/New AR Scene. Which creates a new scene with ZapparCamera without any skybox and flat lighting setup for the scene.

  • Provided favicon.ico as part of WebGLTemplate to avoid 404 error on start in browsers.


  • Updated ZapparFaceMesh to use advanced mesh API for native GFX updates respective to each platform, resulting in a dramatic performance improvement.

  • Updated ZapparBackgroundCamera ClearFlags from Skybox to SolidColor, for better mobile performance.

  • Zappar in-editor publishing menu now uses WebGL 2.0 graphics API on Unity version 2021 LTS and above.

  • Zappar in-editor publishing menu updates WebGL Texture Compression to ETC2 in favor of mobile browsers.

  • Removed Decompression Fallback as the default option from UAR WebGL publishing setting. Support for both Brotli and Gzip compressed builds are now fully supported from Zapworks project upload ( and zapworks-cli version 2.0.4 ( and above.

  • Improved WebGL build caching by enabling WebGL.nameFilesAsHashes from the publishing menu option, and caching zbin and zpt file types on Unity 2020 and above.

  • Auto link required frameworks (Accelerate and OpenGLES) in Unity built iOS Xcode project.

  • Moved the menu option Zappar/Utilities/Full Head Depth Mask to Zappar/Face Tracker/Face Depth Mask.

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