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Sharing images from Zappar WebAR experiences just got even easier with iOS 15

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

This week Apple released iOS 15. As usual, it's packed with new features, updates and performance improvements across the operating system and included apps. But there's one update in particular that's great news for WebAR experiences - it's now possible for users to share images directly from within Safari to their installed social media and messaging apps.

The user flow is super-simple - here's a look at it in action:


This is a feature we've supported for a long time on Android, but it's great to see it finally hit Safari on iOS.

Now for even more good news - if you're using ZapWorks Studio to build your experiences then you don't have to do anything to leverage this functionality. All existing and new content served through our WebAR sites, or through your own custom branded site, supports the 'Share' button already.

If you're using Universal AR, just update the latest version of our WebGL Snapshot package (1.0.1) to support Share on iOS 15.

As always let us know how you get on - over at the forum, or to our award-winning support team!

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