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Designer ZapWorks Online

Self-hosting of your Designer projects!

AUTHOR: Chris Holton

Hey there!

Today, we are delighted to announce the ability for customers to self-host their ZapWorks Designer projects.

Through the ZapWorks platform we offer a secure way to host and serve your WebAR experiences. For a large cohort of our content creators, this offers a convenient and easy to use way to get your creations to your end users. There are however a number of instances where a partner may prefer to use their own hosting solution:


Reasons for self-hosting

  • To fully customize your splash page

  • To integrate third party analytics

  • For security and compliance

  • To make use of a different serving method

  • To access restricted countries


Self-hosting your Designer projects is super straightforward and has been documented in full on our docs website. We have also included some example projects on our github which demonstrate how to fully customise the splash page.


Self-hosting of projects is only available on our Enterprise plan. If you are currently on an Enterprise plan you can get started with self-hosting immediately. If you would like to update to Enterprise, get in touch with our accounts team via the book a demo form.

Thank you!

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