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Introducing Real-Time Web Physics in Mattercraft

AUTHOR: The Zappar team


We’re incredibly excited to introduce the latest update to Mattercraft - support for real-time physics!

Using the widely acclaimed Havok physics engine, this update now lets you to add lifelike physics and interactions to your projects, enhancing the realism of your Mattercraft made immersive experiences.

Physics Across All Devices

Whether you're developing an AR experience for mobile browsers or building web-based VR/MR for the Apple Vision Pro, Mattercraft's physics package seamlessly supports all devices without any compatibility issues.

No-Code Physics

With Mattercraft's intuitive visual interface, setting up and customizing physics is easy. Say goodbye to complex, spaghetti-like code. Mattercraft simplifies the process with its user-friendly behaviors.

Don't believe us? Watch the video below:

For developers seeking deeper customization, Mattercraft allows you to dive into the TypeScript IDE and create bespoke behaviours tailored to your project's needs.


Mattercraft's physics integration includes features like:

  • Rigid Bodies

  • Colliders (simple shapes, mesh, convex hull)

  • Constraints

  • Forces

  • Gravity

  • Mass

All these features can be easily added and adjusted through the intuitive user interface.

Real-Time Simulation

Test your physics directly in the viewport using the real-time simulator, streamlining development by eliminating the need for lengthy build or local server processes. Simply click a button to start the simulation and witness your physics object come to life.

Brand New Templates

Explore our new templates designed specifically for physics-based projects:

  • Basic Physics

  • Physics Constraints

  • Physics Object Pool

  • Physics Impulse

  • Animated Physics

These templates serve as excellent starting points, supplemented by our comprehensive technical documentation, here.

Use Physics with Augmented Reality

The physics package is performant across all browsers, including mobile devices. You can use physics with the Augmented Reality by Zappar package and utilise the various best-in-class tracking types (image, face, and world tracking) to build standout AR experiences.

Use Physics with the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap, Pico & more

Take your headset experiences to the next level by combining physics with WebXR. You can now create Virtual or Mixed Reality content that reacts realistically to user and environment interactions across various headsets like Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap, Pico, and more. Grab, throw, drop, or impart forces to objects - all seamlessly deployed to the default headset web browser, no apps required!

Get started today

Ready to explore the exciting world of physics-enabled experiences? Go to or access our technical documentation site for more information.

We are continuously enhancing Mattercraft with new features and improvements. Keep an eye on the "What's new" section within the tool for upcoming updates and announcements.

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