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Email performance reports for your workspace

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

Today we are delighted to announce the release of a brand new analytics feature to ZapWorks, enabling users to sign up for regular email notifications on how their AR campaigns are performing.

The email outlines all the activity of your workspace and campaigns including:

- Projects live (Total)

- Projects created (Last 7 days)

- Projects published (Last 7 days)

- Total views (Last 7 days)

- Average dwell time (Last 7 days)

In addition, the email contains a list of the top 5 performing emails from the past 7 days, including the number of views they have received. You also have a link to go directly to the projects analytics for even richer data around time of day, country, device and more!

Having easy access to data on how AR campaigns are performing has been a regular feature request, so the team are delighted to be able to provide you with this one. We encourage you all to sign up today through your notification centre.

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