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Choose your own product updates

AUTHOR: The Zappar team

We are delighted to announce the launch today of our new system for managing product updates.

The ZapWorks toolkit consists of multiple different ways to create content: ZapWorks Studio, ZapWorks Designer, and most recently Universal AR.

We know that different users have different needs (which is why we have created multiple tools) but that also means that some users may only prefer to be kept up to date with products that are most relevant to them.

To protect your inbox, we have build a new system for managing product update notifications. This new system, accessible through your notification centre within ZapWorks, allows you to select to hear updates about which Tools and Universal AR SDKs you care most about.

We encourage you to sign up to as many as you believe are relevant to you. You will find that we update these tools fairly regularly, so if you sign up for these updates then you will be the first to hear about everything from bug fixes and performance updates to full feature releases.

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